Outcome-based Diversity and Inclusion Solution

With the use of our science-backed metrics and training on safety, belonging and inclusion we help drive change in your organization today.

We at Diversity Poll pride ourselves in our continuously evolving training & recruiting strategies to find  the best and help develop the most qualified employees for your company. By using analytics, online trends, and our next-generation phased level approach, we fill the needs of our clients when they need them.


Drive change within your company with our programming and software

Individual Approach

Every business is different, and therefore we find it especially important to tailor our approach based on your current and future workforce needs. Looking into the analytics and trends to make professional recommendations on job titles, salary, technological upgrades, and implanting training to enable D&I in your people.

Modern Technologies

We at Diversity Poll use state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, predictive modeling, and deep learning models to ensure that every campaign is successful and can show results within days. D&I initiatives need to have robust KPI’s behind them and can’t be based or measured using the vanity metrics that most companies use currently.

Satisfied Clients

We strive to satisfy the needs of our clients and create life-long partnerships. It’s our goal to help each and everyone of our partners to go above and beyond with D&I initiatives and set a new standard for workplace compliance.

Drive cultural change with science-based software

Our Partners



Monthly analytics with, Diversity score, Representations, Pay Quartiles, Benchmark Comparisons, & built in Expert DEI Consulting Insight Interpretation.


Ongoing employee engagement around fairness and equality. Sentiment survey automation setup. “Perception Gap” analysis to identify segments of the employee population where perceptions of DEI deviate from the reality. Sentiment analytics for belonging, diversity, upper management, harassment, recruitment and advancement programs.

Pay Equity

Pay equity auditing and ongoing monitoring at the intersections of gender, race/ethnicity, age, disability, and more.


When knowledge, experience and insight are needed for growing your business there is nothing more valuable than experience. We are able to bring team coaching, and DEI leadership training to help your company continue to grow.

Government reporting, filing, and certification

Comply with evolving U.S. and international pay equity regulations. Unbiased third-party pay equity certification, as well as EEO-1 & VETS-4212 reporting.

Hiring, promotion, and Retention Analysis

Provide equal opportunities across hiring, promotion, and retention. Representation and total promotions comparisons across genders and race/ethnicity. Hiring and promotion opportunities compared against gross and qualified applicant pool.

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